is an Awareness Campaign for Seeds Of Action, a 501(c)(3) public charity with a focus on helping eradicate global malnutrition!


  • Foundational: 2 Billion people already consume insects as a part of their traditional diets

  • NUTritious: Insects are high in Protein, amino acids, calcium, zinc, iron, good fats and more

  • Tasty: many insects are considered delicacies around the world

  • resource efficient: Insects use less water, food, space and produce less Greenhouse gas than livestock

  • Simple and Consistent: the hardy and prolific nature of insects makes farming Attainable for the masses and Can provide a year round food supply

  • Scaleable: Adaptable for households, communities and industries


Changes start with education. First, we are bringing an awareness of this solution to a mainstream audience. Next, we are collaborating with Little Herds and their team of experts to develop an open-source, visual, Farming Insect Guide (FIG) which can be used by various cultures and age groups to begin farming and ending MALNUTRITION.  We will develop and test a prototype FIG with a partnering farm in a developing country so we can workout all of the "kinks" -not bugs, because we need those! We are choosing to make the FIG open-source and visual, instead of written instructions, to allow everyone access. 


We are taking action to demonstrate that consuming insects is a great way to end global hunger. Jeremy Connor, Co-Founder of Seeds of Action, will be conducting a month long experiment starting May 1st 2017. With medical oversight, his diet will consist only of insects and the plant based foods that can either be found locally or brought in through food aid programs in the 4 regions with the highest concentration of the 1 BILLION chronically hungry. 

To create an on-ramp for Americans to begin eating insects, his whole family is excited to join him in highlighting products already available for purchase in the United States. So many great companies provide these products, and the Connor family is excited to explore the variety, taste and nutritional value of them.

This experiment is designed to prepare meals in a manner that entices people to try this diet, and not repel them (even though this task may initially be hard to swallow)! We believe that insects are a foundational part of a grassroots approach to ending global malnutrition. 

We will be documenting the experiment on video and sharing stories of individuals and organizations working in the insect farming community. With the support of the community we will take the information we gain from the experiment and meet with the team of experts to begin working on the visual, Farming Insect Guide (FIG) and make it available to the the public as open source.

"I am conditioning my body and decreasing my caloric intake to be similar to what I will be consuming during the experiment. I am being sponsored by CrossFit Vex to accomplish this before I start the diet and to maintain a fit lifestyle during and after the experiment.
I believe whatever the short term cost is on my body it will be out weighed  by the long term gains"
 -Jeremy Connor



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Little Herds is an educational nonprofit based in Austin, Texas, teaching the next generation about insects as a resource efficient, nutritious and delicious food or feed through experiential STEAM based programs; family friendly events; public advocacy outreach; and partnerships with educators, universities and other organizations.

Our Mission:
Little Herds educates and empowers communities, both locally and globally, to support and promote the use of insects for food and feed as an environmentally sound and economically viable source of nutrition.
Little Herds is a 501c3 Charitable Nonprofit, founded in June 2013.